Minister Susan Williams

Youth Co-Coordinator

Spiritual Gifts: Preaching, Teaching, Youth and Children Ministry 

Minister Renata Johnson-Harris 

Spiritual Gifts: Preaching, Praise & Worship, Prayer 

Hobbies: Cooking, Arts & Crafts

Minister Bonita Whitaker

Spiritual Gifts: Preaching, Teaching and Worshiper 

​Hobbies: Writing, Cooking and Singing 

Ministerial Staff

Rev. Michael Cummings

Minister of Senior Concerns

Spiritual Gifts: Singing, Fellowship

Hobbies: Basketball 

Rev. Jeannette Martinez

Armor Bearer to the Pastor

Spiritual Gifts: Service & Helps 

Hobbies: Cooking, Singing and Entertaining 

Rev. Emanuel Reasor, Jr. 

Special Assistant to the Pastor

Spiritual Gifts: Teaching, Preaching, Helps 

Hobbies: Reading & Writing 

Rev E. B. Mosely

​Executive Minister 

Spiritual Gifts:


Minister Natasha N. Wright

Minister of Ministry Development

Spiritual Gifts: Preaching, Teaching and Prayer

Hobbies: Reading & Traveling