Care Ministries 

Deacon Ministry-The Diaconate Ministry of East End Baptist Church exists for the purpose of serving the church body in order to protect and defend the unity of the body of believers by seeking to connect people to Christ and East End Tabernacle and helping them remain connected, helping people grow as disciples through spiritual transformation and helping people serve through ministry, missions and worship. 

Trustees Ministry- ​Our mission is to be faithful and trustworthy to God and the people of East End Baptist Tabernacle Church. We strive to be good stewards, concerned about our fellow members and for the progress of the church at all times.

Deaconess Ministry- Through prayer, study and the guidance of the Holy Spirit prepare ourselves spiritually to assist in the spiritual oversight of the church and to glorify God through our service to others. 

Christian Education- East End Bible Institute mission is to equip the people of God with biblical knowledge, understanding and principles that promote unity, strong Christian character, spiritual growth and stewardship responsibilities that lead others to Christ.

Children and Youth Ministry- Here at the East End Baptist Church, we recognize the importance of inspiring the next generation for Jesus Christ. Passing this faith to children and youth is both a great responsibility and an incredible privilege. Our mission is to be advocates for our youth, helping them to be critical thinkers and to reach their own generation and the world around them. We are training our youth for leadership roles in the church. 

D.I.V.A.S. Ministry- Our Mission is to reach a diverse community with the young woman of the East End and greater Bridgeport area between the ages 25-45 years of age. To be a support, comfort, and an ongoing friend for our young woman who goes through life as mothers, wives, head of households, leaders, workers, and christens.  To uplift and encourage letting them know they have a place in the community, life and church. 

Wellness Ministry-The purpose of the Wellness Ministry is to provide health education for the EEBTC family and community.

Music Ministry - The Music Ministry mission is to lead the congregation in dynamic worship through Spiritual song, psalms, praise and hymns of thanksgiving to edify the body of Christ. 

Prayer Ministry- The mission of the Prayer Ministry is to pray, motivate, and train others to pray so that we all may experience the power of God in every area of our life, making East End into a praying church where God is exalted, His presence welcomed, souls are saved, and the gospel is spread. The Prayer Ministry Team is a prayer shield for the Pastor and the leadership team and congregation. 

Andrew Outreach Ministry- The mission of the Andrew Outreach Ministry is to reach a diverse community of people, in the East End and greater Bridgeport Vicinity, who are far from God and teach them how to follow Jesus step by step.

Men's Fellowship- The Men’s Ministry is a vital part of Christian life at East End Baptist. Its purpose is to provide experiences, which will lead men to have fellowship with God through an acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and to help men grow in their relationship with God. 

Culinary Ministry- The mission of the culinary ministry is to provide nutritious hot meals, clothing and other services as they become available to the East End community and Greater Bridgeport vicinity. 

Missionary Ministry- The Missionary Ministry purpose is to stimulate a mission spirit by prayer, study of the Bible and world mission, community mission, activities, contributions to home and foreign missions, women’s convention and financial programs of the church. 

Scholarship Ministry-The purpose of the James Tyler Scholarship Ministry is to use our innovated tools of evangelism to help the church family children to continue to higher levels of education after High School. 

Usher Ministry- To serve as ambassadors of Jesus Christ who lead members and guest into the atmosphere of the Almighty God. Assist all who come in feeling welcome and comfortable by lending spiritual dignity and order to the whole worship experience. 

Social Media Ministry- Our mission is to connect, engage in dialogue and influence for the Kingdom of God using Social Media platforms such as: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

​Senior Fellowship Ministry- The mission of the Senior Fellowship Ministry is to enlighten, inform and educate the seniors of various opportunities and resources in the community. We also strive to witness and share with others God’s good news.  We offer monthly fellowship opportunities. 

Couples Ministry-Our Mission is to engage and support married and committed couples with biblical principles and life skills that will help to establish and maintain longevity and prosperity. 

Woman 2 Woman Ministry- Connecting with God. Connecting with others. Serving one another.