The history of East End Baptist Tabernacle Church begins at a time when East End community needed a spiritual focus and vision. Several men and women, under the leadership of Rev. George C. Wainwright began the spiritual legacy of which we are now a part. Discerning the need for a haven for the spiritually lost and world weary, our founders began to meet the needs of the East End community through Worship and Witness.

In the late nineteen thirties, there was a strong desire among members to indicate the location of the church, as well as to solidify the bond between the church and the East End community. Thus, the members agreed that the name of the church would become East End Baptist Tabernacle Church instead of the name Baptist Tabernacle Church. 

The past eighty three years created as well as celebrated a spirit of ministry in the East End. Though our church began with a focus of the East End, our vision now includes reaching out to the Greater Bridgeport vicinity in a way that makes a difference in the lives of all people for the cause of Christ. Race, gender and culture are not boundaries here at East End. God is big enough to embrace creation. Come as you are- let God work out the shortcomings. 

The History of East End Baptist Tabernacle Church